Norwegian Escape Cruise Terminal C - Port of Miami

1509 N Cruise Blvd, Miami-Dade County 33132, Florida United States

Ratings & Review

  1. Jessica M

    BEWARE!!!!!! DO NOT BOOK With NCL!!!!! Me and my husband booked this cruise in advance and 2 months before the sail date they lowered the price for the same room by almost $1000. We called for a price adjustment and they refused! Said they could give a 25% on board "credit". We said that was ridiculous and then they refused to even give us the on board credit! horrible customer service, I will NEVER used this cruise line again. I read other posts about how this company will nickel and dime you in every way possible. I should have listened! I cant imagine this company lasting with these type of cheap sales tactics.

  1. Azalee Harris

    I love working here in the terminal with Norwegian staff and I love taking care of the customers it's a great experience and the perfect customer service very professional service with everyone on the port

  1. joubert camille

    This place is a wonderful place for many people come to get vacation for anywhere you can go in the country so I love this place cause I work there before!

  1. CStraight

    Very efficient! The staff has various check points to quickly get you into the ship. We highly recommend checking your bags prior to entering the terminal to ease your transition into the ship.

  1. Ebony Coulter

    It looks so beautiful out there and that they would take a vacation again out there the way the buildings is high the water is nice and blue plus it's hot out there too so definitely vacation time one of these days

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